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The development of long-term partnerships with institutions abroad is a fundamental part of UiTM2025 strategic plans.  From strategic partners and global partnerships, student and staff mobility, UiTM is dedicated to increasing its global network.

The Department of International Affairs (DIA) comprises of the International Cooperation, Training and Development (ICTD) unit and the International Student Development (ISD) unit.  Both units support UiTM’s global network of partners to promote the development of strong and successful relationships for internationalisation.
OIA, as well as other key professional support student departments, oversees and manages relationships with global partners while keeping records of partner universities and related international student activities.

The office provides an integrated support service to facilitate and realise new partnership opportunities while working directly with UiTM’s established partners in terms of ongoing communications and operational matters.

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Internationalisation is one of the main agendas in shaping UiTM to be a world-renowned university.  We have made significant developments through the recruitment of a growing international community of students, the appointment of international staff, the development of a range of international alliances based on research and scholarships, student exchanges, agreements with institutions and successful partnership with institutions abroad.

Through various collaborative activities, UiTM is able to provide international students with diverse and enriching global education programmes.  Our culturally enriched programmes, provide opportunity for international students to gain valuable cross-cultural experiences first hand which is highly appreciated by students and staff.



An internationalised university such as UiTM is particularly concerned with the development of a multicultural community of students and staff, preparing its students for global political and social environments, and the development of international alliances in research, education and business. International visitors to OIA are welcome to post any queries anytime by filling in the form.



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