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We are the dedicated team that make up the Department of Ranking. We analyse the ranking data, package it in bite-sized edible chunks, and present it in a digestible manner. Each of us has our specialized skills and area of focus, but together, we form a synergistic team. Come and meet us!
Ir. Dr Amirul Abd Rashid
DirectorIr. Dr Amirul Abd Rashidamirul2550@uitm.edu.my

Director Message

          The establishment of the Department of Ranking (DoR) under the purview of UiTM Global is a significant milestone as far as the UiTM internationalization agenda is concerned. This restructuring reflects the emphasis and priority given by the management in positioning UiTM to become an outstanding higher education institution at a global level. 

          The importance of ranking is very straight forward – it provides a shorthand list of institutions that may provide prospective students and parents with some information on what they’re looking for from a university. However, this function keeps on expanding as it increasingly influencing governments, external stakeholders and institutional management as it is useful for aiding decision-making in terms of funding and budgeting research activities. 

        On top of that, universities can rely on their good ranking performance to attract the best brains and talent looking for a place to teach and at the same time provide international partners with information on universities for academic collaboration and impactful partnership.

           UiTM’s involvement in ranking exercise can be traced as early as the year 2012 with the effort of sending the critical data without proper focus given at that time. The situation was changed drastically when the Ranking and Rating unit under the Institute of Quality & Knowledge Advancement (InQKA) was given the responsibility to manage all the relevant tasks related to ranking for the university. 

        This includes the process of data compilation, data cleaning as well as data submission to the various ranking body at both international as well as at national level. Since 2019, UiTM has also been involved in ‘Sustainability Focused’ ranking by participating in UI Green Metric and THE University Impact Ranking which specifically measures the commitment of the university in supporting the green environment and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

       At the strategic level, DoR is responsible for proposing recommendations to UiTM's top management in planning the strategies to improve visibility and reputation at national, regional and international levels. Consequently, these actions were conveyed and communicated to the faculty and branches with the help of the Ranking Champion (RC) who functioned as ‘agent of change’ to bring everybody in their department to join the force in executing the initiatives for better ranking performance. At the same time, a team of Resident Reviewer has been appointed to support the publication and citation matters due to the fact that these are the two key indicators assessed across all ranking bodies. 

      Even though ranking has become the headline of communication by the Vice  Chancellor from time to time, this agenda will never supersede the main social responsibility of UiTM in providing very wide education access for the Bumiputra. What ranking does is complementing this task by benchmark against other outstanding institutions to raise the standard and keeping UiTM to stay relevant in becoming a globally renowned university as stipulated in the UiTM2025 Blueprint.

DoR Team

Sr. Dr. Norazian Mohamad Yusuwan
Head of RankingSr. Dr. Norazian Mohamad Yusuwannorazianmy@uitm.edu.my
Fazlina Jaafar <br><br>
Coordinator Graphic & DesignFazlina Jaafar

Coordinator CommunicationMAISARAH AHMAD KAMIL

Siti Nor Juhirniza Mior Mohd Tahir
Assistant IT OfficerSiti Nor Juhirniza Mior Mohd Tahirjuhirniza@uitm.edu.my
Nor Aini Kusaini <br><br><br>
Senior Executive OfficerNor Aini Kusaini


Resident Reviewer

Resident Reviewer (RR) is a team of retired professors who has been appointed specifically to groom UiTM staff and students in producing high quality and cite-able papers. The process was managed via web based e-RTS system to facilitate the review process. The author can upload their manuscript anytime & anywhere and the RR will review and provide input in terms of structure, content and language to the author. The author can use the feedback for RR to improved their manuscript and finally submit to the identified journal of their interest.
Prof. Dr. Azni Zain Ahmed
Prof. Dr. Azni Zain Ahmedazniz132@uitm.edu.my
Prof. Datin Dr. Hajibah Osman
Prof. Datin Dr. Hajibah Osmandhajibah@uitm.edu.my
Prof. Dr. Azemi Samsuri
Prof. Dr. Azemi Samsuriazemi@uitm.edu.my
Prof. Dr. Faridah Hassan
Prof. Dr. Faridah Hassanfaridah387@uitm.edu.my


Ranking Champions refer to staff members selected as the 'Agent of Change' at the faculty and branch level to promote and champion ranking activities. They will work closely with their management team in identifying a comprehensive strategic plan towards achieving the ranking goals targeted by the universities aligned with UiTM's 2025 goals


Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School
  1. Dr Herwina Rosnan (L)

     603 - 3258 3057

  2. Prof. Dr Norzanah Mat Noor

     603 - 5544 4698


Faculty of Information Management
  1. Assoc. Prof. Dr Saidatul Akmar Ismail (L)

     603 - 7962 2126/2222

  2. Dr Hanis Diyana Kamarudin

     603 - 7962 2178

  3. Mrs Nurhidayah Hashim

     603 - 7962 2277

  4. Mrs Yanty Rahayu Rambli

     603 - 7962 2328


UiTM Perlis
  1. Dr Jeyashelly Andas

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