Temporary Delegation Visit Policy Amid COVID-19

Given the rapidly evolving and uncertain situation regarding COVID-19 and in consideration of the safety and well-being of UiTM campus community members and visitors, GPSO will suspend hosting any delegations during the Spring and Summer 2020 semester.

Delegations and official visits

UiTM welcomes international dignitaries and distinguished delegations/visitors seeking to maximise the opportunity for topics of exchange, partnerships and networks, and to identify opportunities for sustainable collaboration with members of the UiTM community. Visitors may include government officials, university leaders, association members or high-ranking individual with the capacity to officially represent another institution or group and distinguished professionals in various fields, or those partaking in fellowships or special programs sponsored by local consulates, or other official entities. The DSP can assist with planning delegation visits by connecting you with our respective departments include for instance, short-duration visits for exploring collaborative opportunities, promotional events related to joint activities, courtesy call visits, signing ceremonies, and other approved events.

Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a formal non-financial agreement between two or more parties. MOUs can be used to establish official partnerships. MOUs are not legally binding but they carry a degree of seriousness and mutual respect, stronger than a gentlemen’s agreement.


Clinical Trial Agreement

A Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) is a legally binding nonfinancial or financial agreement that manages the relationship between the sponsor that may be providing the study drug or device, the financial support and/or proprietary information and the institution that may be providing data and/or results, publication, or input into further intellectual property.


Collaboration Agreement

A collaboration agreement is a legally binding nonfinancial or financial agreement by which responsibility for a specific task will be performed by the collaborator. It is also a financial mechanism used when the intent is to have another institution (or third party) carry out a portion of the project’s scope of work. Collaboration agreements are not issued to individuals.




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